Cultural Events

Cultural Events

We cater to a wide range of cultural events like religious ceremonies, theatre and arts, traditional folk evenings, talent hunt shows and all those which is close to your heart in your own cultural style.

Your outdoor event is big business and requires/deserves a professional approach to all your staging needs. From a presidential garden parties to multi-day festivals each have their own unique requirements. Our team here at Source wedding Event and decor has years of experience in creating amazing and memorable outdoor events. Beginning with the initial site inspection, and working with you through the site and stage design and the final show execution by bringing our award winning corporate event experience to the outdoors Source wedding Event & decors dedicated team will be work with you every step of the way to ensure your outdoor event is a tremendous success.

Source wedding Event and decor has considerable experience in orchestrating celebrations of a variety of themes and scale, and as always our events are special, the kind that leave guests with contentment and positive memories that last for the longest time.

It is worth mentioning such memorable events for our clients over the last year, which took place in our wonderful venue, such as the New Year’s eve celebration in a fairytale themed atmosphere, the costumed Halloween party, the romantic evening in honor of St. Valentine Day…

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