Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements

Flowers impart a sense of formality to an event, providing an attractive anchor to the event theme in the décor of reception areas, tabletops and stage backdrops. Flowers may also be incorporated into ladies’ restrooms, flank entryways, or grace serving and buffet tables. In addition, serving personnel smartly accessorized with floral boutonnières incorporates them into the décor to impart a sense of richness and elegance that promotes an impressive and memorable event.

Floral displays can be created in large, floor-standing urns, incorporated into long, sweeping swags, twine around stairway banisters, or curl lazily around supporting columns and posts. Available in silk, greenery can define paths and walkways, establish bowers and arches, or accent table fronts and booth backdrops.

Flowers cannot be overlooked for their special function as endowments of honor to special guests, as in a massive floral spray bestowed upon a visiting dignitary, contest winner, or political giant. Floral arrangements of marzipan, spun sugar, or carved fruits and vegetables delight the eye, as well as wetting the palate.

A champagne fountain is glamorous and beautiful, trimmed with flowers tucked among sparkling glass and delicate bubbles. Hors d’oeuvres arranged amid rose petals and delicate fern fronds are at once a culinary masterpiece as it is a feast for the eyes. Ice sculptures accented with flowers establishes a gleaming monument to the special-ness of the event, just as giant flowers made of crinkled paper lend an air of festivity and fun.

Floral arrangements are best relegated to the services of a knowledgeable and experienced florist, well-versed in making suggestions for floral arrangements that maintain their good looks for the duration of the event. Choose a florist capable of meeting the needs of a large order; many smaller florists may not have the means for obtaining massive numbers of plants, or refrigerating large displays.

Check into the prices of silk flowers as well, and those businesses that provide plants to office buildings, malls and hospitals. Greenery may also be rented, both silk and real, which may be perfectly suited for an outstanding event.

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